project list


After 50 years, there isn’t too much we haven’t had an opportunity to contribute to.  A partial list of our past work includes successes in the following areas:

Boiler Replacement

EP Lab Build-Outs

Main Lobby Design and Remodel

Reddi Net Installations


Flooring Systems

Maintenances Services

Roofing Systems

Cafeteria Remodels

HVAC Replacement and Upgrades

Medical Gas

Surgical Light Replacements

Cath. Lab Remodels

Interior and Exterior Painting

Operation Room Remodels

Voluntary Seismic Improvement (VSI)

Chiller Replacements

Laboratory Remodels

Plumbing Upgrade and Repair



Our team brings professionalism to every project. Because things run smoothly, we lift the burden from our clients’ shoulders onto our team. MZN’s customers trust and depend on our skilled and experienced team. Our clients enjoy a genuine feeling of excitement as projects unfold and near completion.